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Have you ever wondered if the ingredients in your “Natural” products are really natural?

That is exactly the thought that crossed my mind a couple of years ago when looking at the products my family had in our bathroom shower.

As I picked up each bottle I carefully read every ingredient, trying in vain to understand if it came from a natural source, or it was a manmade chemical.  Other than performing a google search on each and every ingredient, I had no way of discerning the products that contained natural and high-quality ingredients from those that contained mostly chemicals that could ultimately do my body more harm than good.

That’s when I realized that I couldn’t be the only person that was having trouble distinguishing good quality natural products from bad.

I know that like me, you want your family to use high-quality ingredients on their hair and skin without subjecting them to harsh chemicals day in and day out.  I also know how difficult it is to find the best quality personal hair and skin products.  Ultimately, this realization led me to start PriMiracle, but I’m getting way ahead of myself.

Like most people, I used to use whatever cheap products were in my shower to wash my hair and skin.  Going natural or organic never even crossed my mind.  In fact, I kind felt like many of these products were a rip-off.  So why did a self-proclaimed skeptic of natural products ultimately become a member of the natural movement?  Well, my health conscious journey began in 2014 when I went to see my doctor to review the test results from a CMT (Carotid Intima-Media Thickness Test).  This test is akin to an ultrasound.  It uses sound waves to measure the thickness of the arteries are in your neck.  I had been getting this test performed once a year since 2011.  For the most part, I had been ignoring the results.  In fact, I even skipped a year when I felt like the line in the waiting room was much too long for me to waste my time.  Boy, do I regret that decision.

But 2014 was different.  That year I did the test as requested by my doctor, and within a few weeks I followed up with a visit to my doctor’s office to discuss the results.  The look on my doctor’s face when he read my results was bewilderment.  He said he had never seen such a dramatic rise in the thickness of the arteries of one of his patients.  As he read the results to me, I too was in utter disbelief.  Although I was only forty-eight years old at the time, the results of the test indicated that I had the arteries of a sixty-nine-year-old man.

Now, faced with the very real fact that I could experience a heart attack or stroke at any time, I had to find answers to the questions that were swirling around in my head.

Why would my arteries be aging or thickening so quickly?  Why was I aging so quickly?  Is there anything I can do to stop it?  That’s when my foray into the maddening world of health sciences began.  I proceeded to scrutinize prior blood tests and CMT tests that I had received.  I researched all of the reasons arteries thicken.  I also began examining my diet.  And finally, I began exploring the various products that I was using on my hair and skin.  In the name of self-preservation, everything was up for debate.

I had taken two CMT tests prior to the one that gave me the reality check.  The first one was taken in 2011.  It indicated I had the arteries of a forty-eight-year-old man.   Not bad because I was forty-five at the time of the test.  The next CMT I took was in May of 2012.  That test indicated I now had the arteries of a fifty-six-year-old man.  That should have jolted me a bit, but I guess I largely ignored it.  As I said earlier, I skipped the CMT test in 2013.  Finally, the shocker came in 2014 when I was told I had the arteries of a sixty-nine-year-old man.

In my search for answers, I found an article that talked about the effects of sugar on the human body.

One of those effects was inflammation of the arteries.  I went back over the results of the blood tests I had taken since 2011 and found that my glucose was gradually increasing over that same period.  Although I was walking with my dog, sometimes as much as three miles per day, my sugar levels, and weight were also increasing.  Finally, I examined my diet.  Had my diet changed since 2011?  Suddenly it hit me.  The answer was yes.  Besides the fast food that I was eating regularly, I had started a new habit.  Nearly every night I would go to a famous coffee house and get a large Chai Tea Latte or a large Hot Chocolate drink.  I loved the sugary taste so much that I often asked them to add another pump or two of chai or chocolate syrup.  This was a new habit, something I had never done before.  Sure I had an occasional soda here and there, but I had never before maintained a consistent ritual where I would down a large surgery drink on a nightly basis.

That was it.  I thought I was on to something.  And guess what?  I was on to something.  I quit cold turkey.  No more surgery drinks since 2014.  Can you guess what happened to my arteries?  Well, they didn’t exactly recede, but they haven’t enlarged either.  Both my 2015 and my 2016 CMT results indicated I had the arteries of a sixty-nine-year-old man.  That was consistent with the 2014 results.  However, I have come down one percent in the percentile from 92% to 91%.  While still not great, it does mean that my artery thickening has at present abated and that I’m now aging a bit faster than my arteries.  That was a relief.  But, being in the 91st percentile is still nothing to brag about.  In fact, it’s still quite dangerous.  So that led me to begin exploring other facets of my health.  Namely exercise, diet, and product use.

Since my big scare, I now try to eat salmon and olive oil at least three times per week.

I’ve cut down dramatically on my carbohydrate intake, and I watch everything I put on and in my body.  The NEW ME.  Now I look at the ingredients on the package of everything I buy.  That’s what led me to read the ingredients on the products in our bathroom.  So, what did I find?

I found that many products that claim to be natural are far from natural.  Even products with pure and natural sounding names are a farce.  Many of these companies are fly by nights buying cheap products full of harsh chemicals and selling them to people under a label that make them look clean, pure and natural when they are anything but.  For example, one company that is very popular and that has the word “natural” in its name has products that contain “Amyl Cinnamal”.  This ingredient is used as a fragrance.  Fragrances are not natural like essential oils, they are chemical compounds that can cause allergies, and thus they are listed as allergenic by the European Cosmetics Directive.  But that is just the start.  What do you think about a product that has “Polysorbate 20” in its ingredient list?  That sounds innocent enough, doesn’t it?  Polysorbate is just a sugar alcohol after all.  So what’s the big fuss all about?  It’s about that number ‘20’ after the name.  It means it was treated with ethylene oxide.  Look up ethylene oxide on sometime and see what you think of the long term exposure to this little chemical.  You’ll see it can cause problems such as nausea and vomiting.  But that’s not the main problem here, the problem here is the dangerous byproduct that can contaminate the mix.  It’s called 1,4-dioxane.  It’s known to be an animal carcinogen.  That’s right, a substance that is known to cause cancer.  And these chemicals that I’ve mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg.  You can find much of this information on, an excellent resource for researching harsh chemicals in your products.

So, that’s what led me to create PriMiracle.  I wanted to find high-quality hair and skin products for my family at a reasonable price.  But everywhere I looked I was thwarted.  I kept finding product after product that contained one bad chemical after another.  So, I decided to have my products made for me.  But, that was expensive.  This eventually led to the decision to offer my products for sale to others so that I could get them for a reasonable price, and provide a public service where customers would know that they were purchasing high-quality beauty products from a respectable company.

So here is the goal of PriMiracle.

We want people to know there is a place where they can go to buy very high-quality ingredients to put on their hair and skin.  We want people to trust in the fact that PriMiracle will do the legwork to ensure that our products contain only high-quality ingredients.  In the interest of full discloser, I do need to point out that not all of our products are 100% all natural.  My original hope was to create products that were 100% all natural, but I have found that 100% all natural is not always feasible.  We do offer a 100% all natural rosehip seed oil facewash, but most of our current products are not 100% all natural.  Typically we have to add some kind of preservative at the end of the process in order to give our products shelf-life.  Otherwise, people would be getting spoiled products in the mail and returning them immediately.  So how much preservatives are in PriMiracle products?  Typically the preservative ingredient is less than 1%.  That’s right, less than 1%.  That means that more than 99% of the product is made of pure and natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, argan oil, olive oil, etc.  Also, we always try to make our preservatives from natural products such as coconut.  So even though the preservative is considered to be manmade, it is derived from a natural source.

So there you have it.  That was my journey into healthy and natural and now though PriMiracle, I hope to pass some of my knowledge and research along in occasional emails and blog posts, but more importantly in our PriMiracle products, which we consider to be some of the highest quality natural hair and skin care products on the market.


Brian Yakman

Founder and Creator of PriMiracle, Inc.